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Together we Thrive / Ffynnu gyda’n gilydd

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Well-being and Pastoral Support

Well-being support 


Here at Parkland Primary, we are proud to have been offering access to well-being and pastoral support for all of Parkland’s children and families for the previous 10 years. Our pastoral team is Mrs. Sheena Maloney and Mr. Conor Lloyd. 


Mrs. Sheena Maloney 


Wellbeing is embedded throughout Parkland; when appropriate the Thrive Developmental tool is used to identify developmental and well-being targets. Respect and communication are important at Parkland, all staff are trained in attachment awareness, emotion coaching, and restorative practices, which provide our children with opportunities to speak to a listening adult ear. Members of our staff are trained in therapeutic play to help foster positive, trusting, relationships between our children and an adult in school. 


The Pastoral team’s aim is to provide children with a welcoming and comfortable space where they have access to a trusted key adult to whom they can express and communicate their feelings, emotions, and difficulties and share their successes. The pastoral team invites children to our positive playroom, well-being garden, and walks around our fantastic woodlands, called “the dell”, where children can escape any stressors or worries through targeted play games, talking, drawing, creating, or being active. The pastoral team utilise a variety of therapeutic strategies and activities to enable children to build positive mental resources in a non-judgmental, person-centered, environment. 


We aim to enable children to eventually build independence, from supporting them through moments of need to raising their self-esteem and resilience, targeting each child’s areas of development through supporting their strengths, valuing positive aspects of their lives, and making these experiences special. 


We support childhood development by providing early childhood experiences that may have been missed but which are necessary for formal education, social interaction, and life-long independence. We want to enable young people to acquire the complex range of life skills needed to value their individuality and achieve their full potential. 


In addition to supporting children in school, we offer confidential family support and parenting classes where needed; we have the availability to access a wide range of additional external agencies that families may benefit from. 


Please contact the school if your child or family needs additional well-being support.