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Home School Agreement

Home - School Agreement


Our Home - School Agreement represents a partnership between home and school and declares our intention to provide the experiences and support necessary for children to realise their potential. We are committed to helping your child achieve her / his best in all aspects of school life. This Agreement is drawn from statements in our school prospectus and many of our school policies. Our Home - School Agreement, forms part of our strategy for working together.


As a school, we will do our best to…

  • Provide a safe, well-ordered and caring environment
  • Teach your child how to keep safe, including e-safety
  • Care for your child as a valued member of the school community, irrespective of race, gender or religion
  • Promote an ethos in which everyone shows concern and respect for others and their property
  • Encourage high standards of behaviour always
  • Have clear aims and learning objectives for all pupils
  • Provide a broad, balanced curriculum, extending and supporting learning as needed
  • Set learning goals for your child and discuss these with you
  • Set work that will be marked regularly
  • Listen and respond quickly and sensitively to any concerns or complaints
  • Encourage good attendance and punctuality
  • Follow up absences promptly
  • Report regularly on your child’s progress, attendance and punctuality
  • Inform you at an early stage of any worries or concerns so that we can discuss these and you can become involved in any matter relating to your child
  • Hold regular Parents’ Evenings
  • Keep you informed of school events through regular correspondence


As a family we will do our best to….

  • Make sure that our/my child comes to school regularly and on time and is collected punctually by a responsible adult
  • See that our/my child comes to school equipped for the day’s activities
  • Encourage high standards of work and behaviour
  • Encourage our/my child to work to the best of his/her ability
  • Let the school know about any problems which may affect our/my child’s learning or behaviour
  • Reply promptly to any school correspondence
  • Take an interest in the work of our/my child
  • Support our/my child with reading and other homework activities
  • Attend parents’ consultations and discussions about our/my child’s progress
  • Inform the school on the first day of absence if our/my child cannot attend school due to ill-health or a medical appointment
  • Ensure that the school has up-to-date information for emergency contacts
  • Support school values, policies and rules and the school’s code of conduct and behaviour
  • Take holidays outside term time wherever possible
  • Encourage my child to wear his/her uniform with pride


As a pupil I will do my best to….

  • Always be kind, polite, well behaved, honest and truthful
  • Show that I am willing to work hard and as neatly as possible and how good my work can be by always doing my best
  • Work well with others
  • Concentrate as much as I can and listen to my teacher
  • Set a good example at all times
  • Try to share and help others
  • Look after my own and other people’s belongings
  • Respect others and behave in a way that doesn’t hurt other children and/or adults
  • Ask my parents/carer for their help and support and to help me with home learning including reading
  • Help to keep the school clean and tidy and free from litter
  • Help my parents/carer to get me to school on time and try not to miss school
  • Bring the correct equipment and resources to school and remember my home learning
  • Have pride in my school and wear the right uniform


Signed:…………………………………….. Parent/Carer                                         Date:……………………

Above is a copy of our Home-School Agreement, that we ask every family to sign when they join us. For a PDF copy of our agreement, please the image below.