In this section you can find all the relevant documents and information for the school.

Health, Safety and safeguarding

Please note that parents/carers who allow their children to play on any of the school equipment, in the trees or on the school grounds before or after the school day, do so at their own risk. Please do not allow children to play and/or walk on the wall by the infant path, to run and/or walk on the grass behind the wall or climb the trees. The risk of falling is significant.

The school premises are open for children to be on site from 8.40am. We have noticed that some children are entering the school grounds or are on the pavement by the junior entrance before 8.40am. Any children on site before 8.40am should be attending Breakfast Club.   Please note that there are no staff on the yard prior to 8.40am and therefore children should not be entering the school grounds. Similarly, there are no adults outside the junior gate who have responsibility for supervising children. It is not safe for the children to be outside the school gates, unsupervised prior to 8.40am. Sketty Park Drive is a very busy road, please do not drop your children off on the yellow zig zag lines, please park in a space which does not cause congestion and ensure the children step out of the car onto the pavement at all times. As an extra precaution to safeguard the children, staff are manning the school gates between 8.40am and 8.55am. Please note that the Key Stage 2 yard is manned from 8.40am and children in Key Stage 2 can come onto the site on their own, if this is preferable. However, the Foundation Phase yard is not manned. As a result, please do not leave Foundation Phase children unattended.


School Gates Opening/Closing Times

Just a reminder to all Parents and Carers, the opening/closing times of the school gates. The times are set, so as a school, we can maximise the use of the school grounds for outdoor learning and also ensure maximum safeguarding for all children.












    (for Nursery)




 (for Nursery)





Afternoon Closed

Foundation Phase/Oaktree


7.45am 8.55am AM-11.35am






3.10pm 3.45pm
Gabalfa Road 8.40am 8.55am Not opened Not opened 3.10pm 3.45pm


KS2 Main

(by crossing patrol)

8.40am 8.55am Not


Not opened 3.15pm 3.45pm


Disabled Access

Please note that if you, or someone accompanying you to the school has a disability you are welcome to park in the staff car park and use the main school entrance to access the building. If you require assistance to enter the building or additional consideration during events please let us know and we will make arrangements to enable your safe and comfortable access, time in the building and exit.


Child Protection

The Child Protection officer for the school is Anne Lloyd, the Headteacher, and in her absence Mrs Rachel Leahy or Miss Felicity Poole, Deputy Headteachers. The Governor with responsibility for child protection is Mr Damian Rees, the Chair of Governors. In the event of child protection needs arising, the school must follow procedures and report this to Social Services. There may also be a need to share information with other agencies.


Appointments during the school day

May I remind parents that we do not encourage any medical appointments during the school day, although, I do know on occasions that this cannot be avoided.  If your child does have to attend an appointment during this time we will need to see evidence of the appointment. Please bring either the confirmation letter or the appointment card to school at the time.



Can I politely remind parents / carers that school starts at 8.50am and that children should be ready to enter the classroom as soon as the first bell sounds. The second bell sounds to inform teachers it is time to close all doors promptly at 8.55am. If the 8.55am bell rings as you are bringing your child/ren to school you are already late and your child will be given a late mark on the register. In inclement weather doors allowing access to the school will open at 8.40am. The junior gates open at 8.40am and the yard is supervised by staff, therefore children can come onto site in the juniors from this time, in readiness for the beginning of the day. The infant yard is not supervised so we request that for safeguarding reasons younger children are not left on the infant yard.


Reporting Absences

When leaving messages to report your child’s absence please inform us of the specific reason for absence. Leaving messages which inform us that children are ‘ill’ provide us with insufficient information.


School Dinners

sQuid online payments is a new way to pay for school dinners at school. Please contact the school office for registration details.


The cost of a school dinner is £2.40.


Free School Meals

If you think you might be entitled to claim Free School Meals for your child/children please contact the school office for an application form. The kitchen supplies children with hot and cold food, including sandwiches. If you do not wish your child to receive a school meal, but feel you may be entitled, please consider claiming it as the school receives an additional £1050.00 in its budget for every child registered as being entitled to free school meals.