School Mission Statement and School Aims

We are committed to our aims, values and beliefs which are reflected in our school’s ethos and atmosphere.  We share a common purpose and a conscious desire to fulfil our aims for the benefit of our community.

Mission Statement

Together we strive

Ffynnu gyda’n gilydd

School Aims

We aim to make our school a place where –

  • every individual is valued and all relationships are based on trust and respect;

           everyone is important and we care for each other;

  • every child is challenged, finds learning engaging and develops a real desire to progress on their learning journey;

           learning is important to me and I challenge myself to improve;

  • an enriched curriculum with meaningful, authentic and relevant experiences is provided;

           our learning is designed around us and our environment;

  • every child strives to become ambitious, enterprising, confident and healthy learner;

           we are ambitious, enterprising, confident and healthy learners;

  • each child is a reflective learner and demonstrates resilience in all aspects of life;

           we know what we can do, how to improve and enjoy challenge and persevere;

  • every child has a voice and is encouraged to be curious, creative and independent learner;

           we are listened to and our voice is valued;

  • we inform staff, pupils, guardians and governors to inform our continuing development;

           everyone makes decisions to help improve our school;

  • we contribute to our community, Wales and the wider world;

           we learn about and help people in the community and around the world;

  • all staff are provided with the opportunities to develop and operate as a learning organisation;

           our staff are learning too;